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This is #1 of a series of school Record of Progress assessment tasks. My blog is not being assessed – i just decided to upload each one as i do them because i never write on here and i’d like to voice (many) of my religious and political perspectives that i write within the classroom…..enjoy.

The Sapphires is a film made in 2012, based on true events about an all Australian Aboriginal girl-group. Set in 1968, within the Vietnam War, the four girls – along with their Irish ‘music promoter’, Dave – get the chance to perform for the troops fighting in the war.

Gail, Cynthia and Julie are sisters from the Cummeragunja Mission Reserve in outback Australia. Scenes early on in the film show Aboriginal children running and hiding from the authorities who arrive in government cars. This scene represents and reminds us of the tragic events of forced removal of children, known as the Stolen Generation.

Kay, the girls’ cousin, became very sick in the protection of Gail while hiding. This meant that Kay had to be put in the town hospital. When Kay’s mum came to collect her, she learned that the authorities had taken Kay from her hospital bed. The change within Kay was evident when she attended her mother’s funeral a few years later; she showed up wearing a sophisticated uniform – compared to the casual clothes she would normally wear. Kay made the snarky comment “If you people worked as much as you fished, you’d be rich” towards the girls which Gail has never really forgiven her for.

The powerful message of continued existence of the Stolen Generation is reiterated through the Kay. As a child, Kay’s light colour skin made her an easy target for authorities to remove her and place her into a white culture. Not only did she lose her traditional morals, but her identity was skewed.

Gail, Cynthia and Julie go into town and participate in the pub talent contest. Three of the other contestants are white. After the girls perform there is no acknowledgement or applause. After being kicked out of the pub, they meet Dave: a local man who plays at the pub. Julie asks him of his assistance to help them get an audition to perform for troops fighting in Vietnam. The girls return home to ask their mothers permission and their dad tells them that Kay should be singing with them – just like they did when they were kids. Their grandmother notifies Gail that Kay is living in Melbourne. Gail, Cynthia and Julie find Kay and convince her to sing with them. Once at the audition, the name ‘The Sapphires’ is created and the girls get the job.

Dave travels with the girls and introduces a new style of music for them to sing: ‘soul’. Compared to their ‘country and western’ as he likes to call it, Dave teaches the girls that soul music will be more entertaining and enjoyable.

The film emphasises the suppression of Indigenous people of the 1960s, as it follows an in-depth journey of the four girls, despite the unavoidable barriers such as dispossession. The Sapphires also acknowledges the strong relationship between the land and importance of family kinship within the Indigenous culture which is represented in the scenes such as the one with Gail, Cynthia and Julie’s dad fishing, and the girls’ community performance at the very end of the movie.

The issue of the difficulty to reconcile with Indigenous family members post-removal and cultural assimilation is an empathetic task audiences are asked to consider and be mindful of.

The historical context of The Sapphires houses the progression of racial relations in Australia; this film is helpful to understand the context of Aboriginal rights as the 1967 Referendum ordered for amendments to be made to the constitution. Prior these changes, Indigenous people could not obtain Australian citizenship, although being here for thousands of years previous to colonisation.

All in all, The Sapphires allows us to explore Australian (particularly Indigenous) history in the viewpoint of four women in the 1960’s. The film gives us an idea of the horrible discrimination and destruction of Indigenous culture. Gail, Cynthia, Julie, Kay and Dave each entertain, humour and captivate audiences through their performances.

As this is based on a true story, this movie provides a meaningful experience for audiences Indigenous or not.



Grabbed these books today 🙂


The Creative Process

To start, i would like to say sorry for not blogging often. Reasons i don’t regularly blog, include: couldn’t be bothered, have other things to do, not aware of people’s interest.

I have been thinking lately (no real shock) that i first began blogging as a foetus in 2010 and never really wrote anything meaningful or intriguing. So, as a result of my thinking, i have come to the conclusion that i:

  1. will start blogging monthly (or as regularly possible)
  2. upload posts about current events (now, I’m no journalist but i do know what goes on this world)

and   3. post book reviews and song/album reviews

I however, do need you to help me out! If you have any suggestions or opinions you would like noted, please comment as much as you can.

Another result of my thinking, has concluded to the fact that in the future i possibly will run a YouTube channel as a segment of this blog. On this channel (i will eventually have) i will include the occasional “tag” videos and of course the book/album/song reviews featured in posts. This idea popped into my head when my cousin recently began his youtube channel – and i kind of have an obsession with wasting my life watching videos………

Please stick around because i guarantee you i will eventually work out how to be a dedicated and proper blogger.

Georgia x

Climbing vines

Vine is one of the best apps to discover new artists, musicians, dancers, athletes, comedians and most importantly: wannabes

Check these out!

In the name of being honest.

I know i’m not a “committed” blogger, but i do try. I won’t think ‘oh, yeah, i’ll blog about this’ i decide to when i want to. I don’t really communicate with you guys about my life or anything like that, because i think you would all be bored and from the start this blog was just for fun.

I’m very passionate about music, and the fact is that i will always recommend new song, artists, etc. A music app that i have found very helpful for discovering new music is 8tracks. Not only can you browse through playlists, but you can make your own! Another useful app is Spotify, however, i have only recently started using it; personally, i prefer 8tracks.

Now, you’re probably all wondering why i have named the post as i have. As i have mentioned previously (on more than one occasion!) i love music. And to be more exact – i am in love with music.

Lyrics can be heard or listened to. I can connect with lyrics like a fish would with water. I imagine myself or others in the situations that lyrics portray. All i ask is that the next time you listen to any song at all, you listen with your heart and mind  xx

All Too Well – Taylor Swift

casually cruel

It Takes Two – Katy Perry

Photograph – Ed Sheeran

Pretty Hurts – Beyonce

f o l l o w   me   on   8 t r a c k s   \\ @georgiajayne \\



HAPPY 4th ANNIVERSARY to this blog! I can’t believe that 4 years ago i created a blog for fun and it’s still going!

Posts will be uploaded more frequently and if there is any way at all that i can make this blog improve, do let me know 🙂

Love you all     x

It’s been a while

It definitely has been a long time since I last wrote to you guys. A lot has been happening since we last spoke.

School has been tiring with thousands (not really – 7 tops!) of assignments and preparing for my Japan trip.
Oh, I seem to have forgotten to tell you: in exactly 4 days, I will be flying with 6 teachers and 22 other students from my school to Japan! Some of you may not know, but Japanese is one of my elective subjects and both the year 9 and 10 elective classes were given the opportunity to participate in this international excursion. The trip lasts for around 12 days and I cannot wait!

On a different note: music. (Pun not intended)

Previously i have blogged about music artists and what not, and yes, I’m going to do it again so
(click on the song titles to follow the link)
For this September (and spring into summer) I will be/have been listening to:
Fireproof One Direction sped up version
Call Me In The Afternoon Half Moon Run
Can’t Help Falling In Love Fleet Foxes
Photograph Ed Sheeran
Oh Darling Plug In Stereo (feat. Cady Groves)
Cough Syrup Young the Giant
Fast Car Tracy Chapman
Uncruel House of Lions
This Is How We Do Katy Perry
Castle Street Lewis Watson
Take Yours, I’ll Take Mine Matthew Mole
Them Girls Be Like (sped up version) Fifth Harmony
Don’t Ed Sheeran
Ugly Heart GRL
Only Love Can Hurt Like This Paloma Faith
I’m Not The Only One Sam Smith
The Fault In Our Stars MMXIV Troye Sivan

Go check out 8tracks online and the app….I love it so much!

Hope you enjoyed this little update, there will be more to come xx

Needing Music

Hey guys, so if you are part of the 5SOSFam, you would know that today (in Australia) 5 Seconds of Summer’s first album came out today……..of course I bought it 🙂

A lot happening

Hey guys, I know I haven’t been updating often so……..sorry 🙂
So first things first: I’M GOING TO ONE DIRECTION NEXT YEAR!!!!
*can’t breathe*

Ok let’s get started:
1. I love The1975, especially their songs “Sex” (controversial, I know) and “Chocolate”
2. I’m still emotionally unstable from watching ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ with my friends on Friday night *crying*
5. I’ve almost finished ‘Looking For Alaska’ by John Green (can’t believe the plot twist!)
4. I can’t leave QBD without buying a book, so I got some new books!


5. please check out these amazing videos:
Luciee Closier cover of “Sex”
Bailey McConnell “Growing Pains”
Beth cover of “Human”
Sam Smith “Lay Me Down”
is it weird that all of these videos contain British people?!

Anywho, last but not least, today is 1year & 5months…..miss you buddy x

More books!